Forbidden Information
Courtesy of Worldwide Piracy Initiative

  • Information Liberation Front
    Home to various hackers and organizations, a Phile archive, couple of hacked website mirrors, Java attack applets, some Virus things, and the like. Operated by No Fear.
  • Intel Secrets Page
    What Intel doesn't want you to know. Bugs, undocumented features, embarassments, etc. Also, the latest x86 news, links to online documentation, and other goodies. Intel has repeatedly harrassed the site, claiming trademark infringement.
  • Stalker's home page
    By Glen L Roberts, the kooky guy who publishes Full Disclosure magazine. Switchboard (owned by Banyan Vines networking) attempted to shut this page down because Roberts linked to their Switchboard service in an unsavory manner. What nazis.
  • Offshore Information Services, Ltd.
    This service in Antigua offers what they call a "data haven", allowing you to publish information you yourself cannot in your current locale. The bad news: narrowish pipe, and you are subject to the laws of Antigua (ie, no pornography, but good bank secrecy laws.)
  • Feral House
    A publisher that refuses to be domesticated. Very interesting books about anarchy, true crime, satanism, underground culture.
  • Paladin Press
    "The most dangerous press in America." Cheaply published books on weaponry, explosives, revenge, locksmithing, new ID, survival, and investigation. You get the idea, order their catalog.
  • Loompanics Unlimited
    Extreme and questionable books in all fields. More than anarchy, they cover the strange and insane. Goddamn good catalog, with articles, almost half an inch thick.
  • Secrets of Disneyland
    Things you never knew about the Magic Kingdom. Alcohol served in the park, secret tunnels, hidden cameras, and feral cats.
  • A Brief History of Banned Music
    Selective chronicle of music that has been censored, banned, or dumbed down to community standards.
  • The Alternative Dictionary
    Best dictionary ever (either in print or online) of obscene and suggestive words in all languages. Perfect for rude polyglots, over 3,000 obscenities in 119 tongues. Ty masz maly hujek.
  • Drug Terms on the Street
    Pretty much, our shopping list.
  • Marijuana Policy Project
    "Minimize the harm associated with marijuana". A lobbying organization trying to reduce the harsh penalties attached to this relatively harmless drug.
  • Cellular Phreaking Resources
    Page of links devoted to hacking cellular phones, pagers, also including some tone dialers and whatnot.
  • Underground
    Contains exploits. It appears tried at one time to be comprehensive but does not appear to update the links very often (the last news story is in 1995).
  • Information Unlimited
    Your source for antigravity devices, night vision, pyrotechnics, and Tesla coils. In business since 1974. Entertaining to browse, as they seem to carry all manner of questionable apparatus.
  • Gray Areas Magazine
    A magazine in meatspace covering all areas of questionable activity. It seems to be published quarterly or erratically, but is of high quality. Difficult but not impossible to find on the newsstand.
    Listen to police scanners live over the net, also resources and links to police departments and usenet groups.
  • Eurosat
    Excellent site for worldwide satellite enthusiasts, for both good and bad boys. Kept nicely up to date.
  • Hackwatch News
    Hacking Pay TV and satellite, "Piracy on the Final". Based in Ireland. Up to date, a little lighter weight than Eurosat but still a good alternative news source.
  • Man Eats Dog Archive
    "Playing high level mind games with British Telecom." The ultimate British telephone hacking site. Lots of information that hasn't been published anywhere else.
  • National Coalition Against Censorship
    An alliance of 40 organizations working together to preserve the first amendment. Founded in 1974.